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Divorce Strategies


Divorce is hard. When a marriage ends, families can be thrown into turmoil. Emotions are electric. This is where you need solid, experienced and truly professional legal advice. This is when you need Chesney, Nicholas & Brower.

Even in divorces where both parties are working towards a positive family resolution, the details and arrangements take a thorough understanding of Long Island divorce law. Our Syosset lawyers will listen to your concerns, get to know your family and your unique personal circumstances.

There are a variety of ways to approach a divorce. In some instances, we recommend a collaborative divorce. This is a less-costly manner of dissolving a marriage. Collaborative divorce avoids both the expense and destructive potential of divorce court proceedings. Your situation may be better served by choosing divorce mediation, a civilized way to resolve factors like custody, visitation rights, equitable property division and financial payments, which all must conform to New York State Island matrimonial and family law. This is where our Syosset law firm excels.

Some family situations are, unfortunately, adversarial. You may need aggressive, artful litigation to resolve emotional family conflicts. We are experienced and extremely successful at courtroom legal proceedings. Our determination—combined with our extensive knowledge of New York State legal and courtroom systems—will help you receive the outcome you deserve.

Are you involved in an uncontested divorce? What about your children’s future educational needs? What happens to your savings and pension plans after a Long Island divorce? What about your family business? Come talk to our matrimonial, family and divorce experts at our Syosset law offices. We’ll answer your questions and perhaps raise issues that you might not even be aware of.