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Estate Planning & Wills


The end of life is a monumental experience. It can unite family members or shatter the unit into shards. This is where professional estate planning can make a huge difference in the outcome. You have the right to do as you see fit with all that you have worked for in your life. Chesney, Nicholas & Brower will prepare you with legal advice and estate preparation.

Here in our Syosset offices, our estate and probate specialists can insure that your wishes and plans are properly documented. We discuss and prepare wills to insure the proper passing of property. We craft the legal tools that will outline the care and financial requirements for any minor children. We will insure that your business is handled in the manner that you demand. If a trust needs to be constructed, we will handle all the details. You need strong, legally binding documents that conform to New York estate law. In the event of a challenge, our team has a proven history of success at estate and probate litigation.

But at Chesney, Nicholas & Brower, we go beyond that. We’ll sit down and discuss issues like living wills, health care directives, power of attorneys and final arrangements (for example, funeral plans or donating your remains to medical science).

Our experiences with thousands of people struggling to get through this difficult time lets us give you direction that you can trust when preparing your final wishes, regardless of your circumstances, no matter how large or modest your estate.

If you are the person in charge of executing a will or estate, we invite you to bring the paperwork to us. We work with executors to help them perform their duties within the law. We’ll give you legal advice regarding how to probate a will—or even if you need to. We can file the necessary paperwork and assist you in dispersing real property. At a time like this, you need to work with both the New York State legal system and surviving family members. We want to be there with you.


…is to insure that your final wishes are honored and will stand up in the event of a legal challenge. We will handle your affairs with dignity and respect and answer any questions you might have about estate law. We are your legal estate planning and probate team in Long Island, New York City and surrounding districts. Please, call us. We are here for you.