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Real Estate Law Overview


Property transactions are, for most people, the largest financial exchanges in their lives. Commercial real estate contracts are critical for your business success. Personal real estate purchases involve your family home. Whether you are buying or selling, you need to choose legal advice from a team that understands your needs and can draw from hundreds of years of legal experience in Long Island real estate transactions. That is what Chesney, Nicholas & Brower offer you.

The real estate lawyers in our Syosset law firm have the education and experience you need for residential and commercial transactions of any size. We will guide you through any problems that could arise during the process. Our professionals will insure that your real estate sale or purchase will deliver the results you insist on. From first offer to real estate closing, you can trust the legal representation of Chesney, Nicholas & Brower.

We’ve helped families, small businesses, individuals and large companies through a range of real estate transactions. We advise landlords and tenants in their disputes. Our advice can save you from making expensive mistakes or being vulnerable to challenges. No matter where you are in the process of your Long Island real estate deal, come to us. We draft and review contracts, explain complicated leases, guide you through escrow, reduce risks and maximize your success in the transactions. We’ll produce results and let you move forward with confidence.

Chesney, Nicholas & Brower–Our Commitment To You as Your Long Island Legal Representatives.

Our Syosset legal team will listen to you. We will treat you and your concerns with respect. We will live up to our reputation as thorough, experienced and well-trained professionals in the field of real estate. Your phone calls will always be answered quickly. We will respond to your questions clearly and punctually. You can trust us to draw on our extensive knowledge and skills to deliver quality legal services at every stage of your real estate transaction.