Charles Nicholas of the Law Firm, Chesney, Nicholas & Brower LLP

Vaccine Exemptions

Television shows, social media campaigns, celebrity press conferences, headline grabbing litigation—the issue of child vaccinations has been aired and debated hotly in the media these past few years. Even the medical community continues to discuss the topic of mandatory childhood vaccinations. Thoughtful parents have done their own research and have come to their own conclusions. Now, they need to understand where they and their children stand legally.

In accordance with the New York State Public Health Law, parents of school-age children have every right to seek exemptions from vaccinations based on their religious beliefs. If you are a parent and determined to exercise your right to pursue a vaccine exemption for your child, we know how to help you.

Over the years, our firm has successfully secured vaccine exemptions and waivers for clients, in a wide variety of circumstances. At Chesney, Nicholas & Brower LLP we believe that every individual has the right to adhere to his/her religious convictions and act in accordance with their deepest beliefs.

Let us assure you that at Chesney, Nicholas & Brower you are in great hands. You will be working with a strong team of legal professionals, who will help you protect your rights and do what YOU THINK IS BEST for your family. You will have access to attorneys with an unparalleled success rate in this area, who will assist you in admission of your children to public and private schools without state required vaccinations. We know how much this issue means to you. Don’t wait until the new school season or for the vaccine question to arise. Call us today to discuss your options.