Charles Nicholas of the Law Firm, Chesney, Nicholas & Brower LLP

Chiropractic Malpractice

Chiropractors practice a variation of the healing arts that focuses on the diagnosing and treatment of neuro-muscular skeletal disorders. The foundation of this form of medicine is that good health is dependent upon a properly functioning nervous system, including the spine and nerves extending from it.

In all 50 states, chiropractors are licensed and regulated, however the realm of what forms of treatment practicing chiropractors can apply to their patients varies from state to state. Some only allow spinal manipulations, while others permit a number of diverse procedures including laboratory diagnostics, acupuncture, and electromyography. Diverse styles and techniques provide clients with a choice of practitioners, allowing them to select the professional best suited for their needs.

As with any practice involving the human body, no result can be guaranteed and, as with other health care providers, chiropractors can be held liable for malpractice. For nearly three decades, Chesney, Nicholas & Brower LLP has defended chiropractors in malpractice actions. Our attorneys are well versed in the many chiropractic techniques and modalities. This knowledge is combined with our medical malpractice experience, which complements our defense of chiropractors.

Our firm has successfully represented chiropractic malpractice clients in injury claims involving:

  • common rib fractures due to alleged improper technique
  • heating pack of electrical stimulation burns
  • complex allegations of disc herniations or vertebrobasilar stroke following spinal manipulation

In addition, our Syosset law firm attorneys keep up to date on the latest scientific research and regularly provide lectures to chiropractic organizations and individuals on risk management in the field of chiropractic malpractice.