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Chesney, Nicholas & Brower LLP Specialize in Premises Liability Defense

As a client of Chesney, Nicholas & Brower, you will benefit from our expertise at effectively defending a wide array of premises claims. Since our inception in the 1980s, we have been representing retail establishments, national hotels, restaurants, ski resorts, landscaping companies, religious institutions, schools, banks, shopping malls, caterers, municipalities, apartment owners and transportation carriers, among others.

Chesney, Nicholas & Brower have expertise in handling claims involving slip and fall accidents, negligent security events, drownings, assaults and batteries and a variety of other premises related claims. Our  lawyers are skilled in identifying suspicious or fraudulent premises liability claims.

We have access to legal experts, who have an extensive history of litigating complex cases, some of which have set legal precedents in areas such as assumption of risk, open and obvious conditions and lack of notice.

We bring a team approach to our clients’ litigation needs. Our experienced attorneys are supported by staff that are highly trained and equally dedicated. As pure litigators, we advocate aggressively on behalf of our clients. Complex disputes are normal for us, and we have the resources, training, advocacy skills and experience to advance your objectives in the courtroom.

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