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Chesney, Nicholas & Brower, LLP has an Extensive Elevator and Escalator Liability Litigation Practice in Metropolitan New York.

Elevator and escalator liability is a large business problem. According to consumerwatch.com, elevators make around 18 billion passenger trips a year in the U.S. The average elevator makes an average of 20,000 trips per year. That’s a huge amount of conveyance involving a great number of people. With that amount of traffic, legal issues are bound to arise.

Every year, around 30 people die in elevator and escalator liability accidents. Thousands more are injured. Children and the elderly comprise a significant amount of those involved in these incidents.

If your business utilizes an elevator or escalator, you need to be aware of the possible consequences of an incident occurring on your property. Not only can such lawsuits be expensive, they can also cast a shadow over a hard-working, reputable company. If you have an elevator or escalator on your property, you need to be vigilant—not only of safe practice standards, but of frivolous lawsuits. You need reliable representation.

We represent companies who install and maintain this equipment, as well as building owners and property managers. We currently represent over 20 individual elevator companies, both large and small, in the New York metropolitan area.

 We have vast experience in a wide range of incidents, from simple mis-leveling, to sudden drop, door strike, fall, abrupt stop, and drag cases. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in analyzing a vertical transportation case, from evaluating the type of maintenance or modernization contract involved in a particular matter, to the standards for liability in a case, including res ipsa loquitor.

We have a team of experienced attorneys who specialize in elevator and escalator litigation, from inception through trial, and have obtained numerous defense verdicts as well as favorable appellate decisions. 

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