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A Defense Firm in Dental Malpractice Actions For Over Thirty Years

Chesney, Nicholas & Brower, LLP is a distinguished law firm specializing in dental malpractice defense in New York. Our firm has a proven track record of successfully handling a myriad of dental malpractice cases, representing individual dental practitioners as well as dental practices.

With extensive experience in dental malpractice defense, our experienced team of attorneys excel in navigating complex cases to verdict. Our commitment is to provide unwavering support to dentists facing legal challenges, ensuring their professional reputation remains intact.

We have represented a diverse range of clients, including dentists, dental clinics, and all dental specialties. Major dental malpractice insurance carriers trust Chesney, Nicholas & Brower for exceptional legal representation in the specialized field of dental malpractice.

Our legal professionals possess comprehensive expertise in advising, assisting, and guiding dental practitioners across all phases of dental malpractice cases, ranging from initial investigations to responding to claim letters. We maintain close collaboration with our clients right from the inception of a case, conducting thorough research and examination of all relevant dental aspects. Through the engagement of qualified dental experts, we develop an early trial strategy that undergoes regular review and refinement as the case unfolds. This proactive methodology, facilitated through consistent firm meetings and client conferences, has yielded a notable success rate, securing favorable jury verdicts and settlements, subject to client authorization.

At Chesney, Nicholas & Brower, LLP, our overarching objective is to protect the standing of competent and esteemed dental professionals. We are committed to ensuring their ongoing provision of invaluable dental services to patients in need. 

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