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Chesney, Nicholas & Brower, LLP Specializes in Divorce Representation for Collaborative Divorce, Adversarial Divorce, and Uncontested Divorce.

Our Legal Team Can Make All The Difference In How Your Family Proceeds From Here


At Chesney, Nicholas & Brower, LLP we recognize that a divorce is one of the most challenging life circumstances you may face. When a marriage ends, families are often thrown into turmoil. Proper, respectful legal representation is essential to moving forward from that critical point.

How a divorce resolves will have a long-lasting impact on your family unit, particularly your children. Divorce resolution will also affect your finances, mostly likely for the rest of your life.  Even in divorces where both parties are working towards a positive family resolution, the details and arrangements require a thorough understanding of the law.

Having the solid, experienced and professional legal advice provided by Chesney, Nicholas & Brower, LLP can make this very challenging life situation as manageable as possible.  Our attorneys will listen to your concerns, get to know your family and your needs. We will then offer courses of action that fit your unique personal circumstances.

There are a variety of ways to approach divorce. In some instances, we recommend a collaborative divorce. This is a less costly manner of dissolving a marriage. Collaborative divorce avoids both the expense and destructive potential of divorce court proceedings. Your situation may be better served by choosing divorce mediation, a civilized way to resolve factors like custody, visitation rights, equitable property division and financial payments, which all must conform to New York’s matrimonial and family law. This is where our law firm excels.

However, some family situations are, unfortunately, adversarial. You may need aggressive representation to resolve emotional family conflicts. We are experienced and extremely successful at courtroom legal proceedings. Our determination—combined with our extensive knowledge of the New York State legal and courtroom systems—will help you receive the outcome you deserve.

Chesney, Nicholas & Brower, LLP provides services including:

  • Contested Divorce

  • Divorce Mediation

  • Child Support services including modification of existing child support orders

  • Prenuptial Agreements

  • Child Custody and visitation

  • Spousal support.

We will help you understand how these decisions will affect your finances, taxes, and personal life. We will take the time to explain everything and answer all of your questions and address any concerns. We also work in the hopes of minimalizing financial and emotional damage. The family unit will be revised with the hope of continuing positive relations between parents and children.

Most importantly, Chesney, Nicholas & Brower, LLP is a full-service family law firm that is equipped to handle all of your family law needs. We will guide you through each step and help you make difficult decisions on information rather than emotions.

With over 30 years of expertise in matrimonial and family law, the professionals at Chesney, Nicholas & Brower, LLP will represent your best interests with unequalled skill and knowledge of every facet of the law.


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