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Chesney, Nicholas & Brower, LLP is a Premier Truck/Tractor-Trailer Accident Defense Litigation Law Firm in Metropolitan New York.

Chesney, Nicholas & Brower, LLP  is a trucking/tractor-trailer accident defense litigation law firm in Metropolitan New York. A recent survey by an automotive industry research firm stated that currently 253 million vehicles regularly travel on U.S. roads. Many of those vehicles are involved in transporting needed supplies and services to customers. When accidents happen, many factors must be considered: driver error, equipment failure, road conditions, negligence. For those in the business of transporting goods, solid representation in the event of accidents can make the difference between closing shop or staying on the road.

If your company is involved in a motor/truck/tractor-trailer accident, Chesney, Nicholas & Brower LLP can assist you with our decades of experience and a superior track record.  You will be dealing with a strong and reliable legal team, specializing in motor vehicle accidents. Some of our attorneys have served as in-house counsel for major automobile insurance carriers in the New York metropolitan area. Our legal team also has extensive experience working with large corporations that utilize huge fleets of vehicles. We have the resources to effectively deal with accidents involving all varieties of motor convenances, from the simple motor vehicle, to box trucks and tractor-trailers. 

Chesney, Nicholas & Brower, LLP can provide you the resources and expertise for all personal injury, property damage and UM/SUM cases. We are especially well versed in no-fault cases, successfully arguing for dismissal at both trial and appellate levels. 

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